The unimaginable pain…

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I woke up this morning to see the news and feel that horrible feeling again, that feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach and the pain you feel in your soul knowing that yet again fellow human life has suffered unimaginably for no valid reason whatsoever. As I work updating social media accounts, I saw recollection after recollection come out from people who witnessed and the harrowing stories of those who managed to escape including the desperate search for loved ones. Children missing, babies being thrown down in desperation for a new generation of family to survive, elderly realising there is no escape for them and accepting the fate that may lay ahead, people calling asking for forgiveness knowing they may not survive long, people saying their goodbyes realising that it could soon be their time to depart the world. The thoughts that would have gone through these people minds I can’t even comprehend let alone feel. It is just pure pain thinking about it. Seeing the stories have made me cry numerous times today. It has also made me really appreciate the small things I still have like being able to sit in my home, see my family and friends safe, being able to go to the masjid and pray and realising it can all be taken away in a blink of an eye, everyone who suffered so tragically yesterday would have done very similar to my day today and woke up in a very different situation. I feel totally blessed and fortunate. May Allah help those who are in need around the world, help those who are suffering gain peace, may Allah unite those who are estranged from their families and those who have passed the beautiful taste of Jannah. Ameen

With that being said – it is all our duty that these lives were not lost in vain and we should do our utmost to ensure that no-one is living in a situation where their lives are at risk and when things are highlighted they are taken seriously by those in charge so the same does not happen again. It is atrocious that the complaints of affluent property owners in the surroundings were taken on board and changes were made to the exterior of the building to appease those who have the means to buy pretty properties, so they can look out the window happily. This is not okay and every life wealthy or not is important. They should not have been ignored…that could of been any of us, do not let their suffering be in vain and definitely ensure that the government take it seriously enough not to let it happen again.

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