I woke up this morning, but that is all it took.

The lump in the throat, twisting of the stomach, slightly feeling of dizziness, thoughts emotions flashing through my mind, past, present, the future, whizzing around and curling up in the chest, travelling through the stomach and getting stuck in the lump in the throat.

I woke up this morning, but that is all it took.


— Jeeda

Half your deen

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If marriage is half your deen (faith) then that only means that the institution of marriage is so important in Islam but only if the institution is respected, both parties serve their purpose within the marriage and both are in it wholeheartedly to acquire the reward of completing half your deen.  With that being said, this ...

Those who want you in their lives will do everything to keep you in their lives.

When it becomes a daily chore to claim a place, just know you are worth much more.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be loved?

Someone to declare it so publicly that you are their person?

To be embraced so tight like you’re the only one?

Feel a comfort so perfect that you feel whole?


I crouch down next to a large throne in my thoughts and imagine a embrace so out-wordly that I pray…one day…one day…my creator…one day.