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Eid in Al-Aqsa

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I was blessed to be invited to visit Jerusalem for the third time. During Ramadhan I made the intention to try visit for Eid ul-Adha. I can say now intention was fulfilled – Subhan-Allah! Eid in Al Quds was absolutely amazing, the Al-Aqsa compound is full of people being joyful and all dressed up in the ...


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A sigh of helplessness Amongst the signs of oppression Vs A sigh of relief Amongst the signs of freedom It almost feels selfish I am the latter, when people out there simply appreciate the feeling that they matter.  Jeeda Joseph

This Backpack…

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After travelling out to Aida Camp in Bethlehem, West Bank. We distributed backpacks to the children who were about to start school after Eid-ul-Adha. The way they hugged the backpacks it made me write the following... This backpack is the world It holds within hope A hope of change A flicker of freedom This backpack is a dream Filled with education A ...

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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A rather poignant moment captured at Al Aqsa on my latest trip - A lady holds up a sign with names of people who are unable to visit the Masjid due to restrictions as others including us roam freely smiling, blissfully ignorant or maybe just unapologetic. This is Fatoom and her son, she was holding up a paper ...

A Rare Chance to Visit Yusuf AS Grave

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One of the main beauties of visiting Jerusalem is walking the footsteps of so many Prophets that came before us - peace and blessings upon them. Prophets which are an integral part of Muslims, Jews and Christians. All three monotheistic faiths are also commonly known as the Abrahimic faiths after Prophet Ibrahim who carried the message ...

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