Can I cross the road in peace?

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The amount of times I have had visions of being hit by a car while I walk into town or cross the road minding my own business is unreal. The amount of times while walking on main roads and crossing junctions do you stop to consider your surroundings and keep your whits about you in case you notice signs of someone who may feel aggrieved by your presence, the fear of being run over because of how I look – a Muslim – is clearly very real. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy for even thinking it. I was born here?, the only place I can call home?. After a terrorist attack you actually find yourself changing your route, walking with eyes all around you, in fact cancelling plans all together – this is stressful, not to mention oppressive and we are letting people feel this way here in progressive Britain? How progressive are? Seems like a great regression to me…

The sad reality is the so called ‘Islamist’ (hate using this word – considering Islam root word is Salam which means peace, completely contradictory) extremists that they feel they are avenging are the same people who, well would do exactly what they have done – harm us! They might as well all be grouped into the same category of people, because the agenda is pretty much the same. To Divide, Harm, Avenge…(whatever in their deranged mind they think they are achieving).

After all those visions of fear, I am appalled to see it has happened and well in no other place than Leicester my home town, I pray this woman has a full recovery from her injuries. I pray for a safer place for everyone. Maybe one day we can walk without that constantly niggling voice in the back of your head saying ‘Watch your back’.

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