Half your deen

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If marriage is half your deen (faith) then that only means that the institution of marriage is so important in Islam but only if the institution is respected, both parties serve their purpose within the marriage and both are in it wholeheartedly to acquire the reward of completing half your deen. 

With that being said, this is also the reason not to force people to marry for the sake of saying they are married, to make someone feel inadequate because they are not, to make someone feel they should settle for anything less than what their soul deserves, because then half your deen could very quickly become half way to dauzak (hell). 

The institution of marriage is sacred, unification of people. The institute deserves respect and the decision is not one to be taken lightly. You absolutely have to be fussy in the decision you make, the peace of your soul depends on it. Never let people, time or pressure make the decision for you. 

You are not less of a person for being single. It is okay and you will have just as much right to a place in jannah (heaven) even if you are not married and your half of the deen will be your sabr (patience).  

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