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We got to #MasjidAnNabwi for #Jummah (6 April 2018) and we found our spot, I opened my phone in order to read surah Kahf and the lady next to me asked me what I was reading I replied in my broken urdu surah Kahf and said due to it being Friday, she asked if I could read it aloud which I did, upon completion she requested if I would help her read surah Yaseen too as she can’t read arabic therefore struggles to pray, I went through surah Yaseen word by word with her and we completed it just as adhan for Jummah was heard. It was an amazing opportunity given to me by Allah and one I will cherish. She told me a few times that her heart feels full now that she has recited Yaseen, I think the most overwhelming compliment was being told I came in guise of angel in order to help her recite. Alhumdullilah for the opportunities in such a blessed place. Blessed.

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