The Strangers

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As humans we struggle with the concept that this life is temporary, whether you are a person of faith or not faith this is something that is a fact this life is temporary we will not live forever. Yet we chase the temporary beyond living in the today. We save money as if we will be around forever to spend it, we build houses as if we will dwell forever in them, we build and build and build in this World, for what? We fight each other for the World, for what? True contentment lays in accepting what will come next and doing good in the now. We spend so much time living in the future which may never come we forget to live in the now. When you go on holiday do you build your home there? Do you lay your foundations there? Do you? No….Why? because you know it is temporary, in fact some of us do not even unpack the suitcase we came with as you feel it is that temporary. Think about it…

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