We need to champion each other!

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Wow some of the posts on social media recently! Let’s do what Muslims do best, create a post about a popular Muslim figure that we may not agree with, which then allows people to backchat about the person, point fingers and be judgemental in order to preserve our faith, and preach about our religion (which by the way reserves judgement for only our Lord most high). Let’s mock them to make ourselves feel like the little we do is better than the little others do, to show the Most High, Gracious and Merciful (may I add) we believe in Him and Him alone and somehow this makes us better, or at least feel better for the little we do. Because our beloved Messenger pbuh and the Qalam of Allah spread Islam this way right? We all need to check ourselves and use our time to really check our faith and intentions. Rather than belittling each other to make the very little we do seem significant. Ya Allah guide us all and UNITE the Ummah in order to understand what is around us. “Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves [al-Ra’d 13:11]. Allah did not create us to be judge and jury upon each other, and if we feel we have a valid point inviting people to publicly shame – you might as well have done the ‘sin’ you so detest yourself. Many people on daily basis watch certain videos by popular Muslim figures (even if some people class as not within the realms of Islam jurisprudence) and try make a change in their lives, regardless of whether you think it is the right way or wrong way. We need to think about how many people WE positively influence in comparison on a daily basis. If it isn’t near enough as many…maybe we need to check ourselves and stop spending our time belittling others, but try influence the same amount of people but in the way you feel is right and to show Islam to be what it really is compared to the narrative people have hijacked. We need to lift each other instead of compete with each other. We will be judged on our own deeds not of those around us.

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